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Electric Fuel Pump

Highly detailed solid resin fuel pump. The rivet flange plates can

be drilled out to suit your pipe diameter. This model comes ready to paint your choice of colour.

Part No EFP-01

Dimensions: Length = 85mm  Width = 25mm

Price: £8.00 plus £2.00 postage.

Twin Pipe Pack
Bund wall pipe
Part No DFP 01
Heat Exchange pipe
Part No DFP 02

Industrial Pipework

The first pipe DFP-01 is ideal for over bund walls and other obstacles, constructed from solid resin with detailed rivet flanges and shut off valve. This model is ready for painting and priced at just £6.00 or two for £10.00 plus postage. Part No DFP-01

Dimensions:Diameter = 9mm. Length = 70mm. Height = 60mm.

The second highly detailed pipe (DFP-02) is fitted with multiple riveted flang

detail around a heat exchanger section along with a top mounted shut off valve.

This pipe also contains a 5mm & 3mm T section opening to allow side

and top extension pipes to be fitted. This model is ready for painting and priced at just £6.50 or two for £12.plus postage.

Part No DFP-02

Dimensions: Length = 140mm.  Height = 25mm.

Fuel Unloading Facility Pipework

Highly detailed 2 piece fuel unloading pipework set. Part No UFP-01  Please phone for details. Price only £22.00 plus £3.00 UK postage for two pipework sections. Unpainted as image 1 (Thank you to Joel @ Dapol for supplying the excellent Class 08 & Ellis @ ECT for supplying the excellent Dapol RONUK tanker)

Sorry currently Sold Out

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